Resources for Life

Essential Books for Victorious Living.

Embracing the New You

Apostle James Holiday is an apostolic leader who has raised up several sons and daughters in the ministry that are relentless in advancing God’s Kingdom. He is a Kingdom collaborator and there is no doubt he is an anointed preacher and teacher of the word of God. Apostle Holiday is carrier of a strong apostolic and prophetic grace to declare present truth and his passion for the things of God fuel his efforts to advance and pioneer in this season. Inspired by the spirit of God he has galvanized truths that will transform you from the inside out.

I Am Covenant

Every encounter has the potential to transform your life; it’s all about identifying, labeling and assessing the source God has sent into your life to serve that purpose. Being willing to embrace relationships and carve out covenants with those who fit that spec will allow you to stay true to God’s protocol for relating.

Power Points

Life happens and we all need something to keep us focused, faithful and free to live it head-on; without skipping a beat in our daily devotion. This 30-day devotional is designed to meet you right at your schedule.

I’m Changing My Status

When it comes to change, especially for the better, we have to fully embrace the fact that corrective action is a major part of the process. I’ve discovered that change doesn’t always mean that something is wrong or that you’re wrong, it could also mean that it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work in the grand scheme of things. I believe this is what leads to many people not willing to initiate change, recognize the need for change or even except change. I believe that the content of this book holds the key to unlock your ability to shift. Open your mind and prepare to Change Your Status.